The smart way to implement traceability

iTradeNetwork is helping to make product traceability a natural extension of the end-to-end supply chain. We’ve taken a collaborative and integrated approach that reduces the effort needed while improving the overall effectiveness of traceability programs. iTradeNetwork helps you to:

  • Comply with industry, customer or corporate traceability mandates
  • Reduce costs typically associated with traceability
  • Improve effectiveness of traceability programs


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Key Features

logo Clean and enriched data
Food safety starts with clean normalized data. Item level data within each company is cleansed to eliminate errors and duplicates. It is then enriched to ensure all GS1 attributes are included.

Data synchronization
Synchronizing data between trading partners is core to the way iTradeNetwork works. We ensure all relevant product and transactional data is updated in trading partner’s systems dynamically as changes occur.

Adds traceability data to each purchase order
The key to iTradeNetwork’s traceability solution is that all data required for the Product Traceability Initiative (PTI) is automatically added to purchase orders. This includes GS1 required and optional attributes, buyer and supplier item codes, logistical data, RPC data, nutritional data and more.

Assigns traceability data to advance shipping notices
Similarly, iTradeNetwork adds additional PTI-required data to advance shipping notices. This includes global trade item numbers (GTIN), lot numbers, manufacture and expiration dates. Pallet information is also added during the shipping process.

Closed loop process for compliance
Every participant in an order can access the relevant PTI data as needed. After shipments are received, all relevant PTI data is persisted through the payment and invoice process. Trading partners can perform USDA COOL audits simply by searching for lot or other PTI-relevant data within the iTradeNetwork invoice screen.

Virtually any company can participate
All of your trading partners, regardless of commodity, system constraints, size and technical capabilities can participate. All PTI information is shared collaboratively across trading partners involved in orders and accessible via iTradeNetwork’s user interface.

Proven success
Working closely with industry organizations and specifically the Product Traceability Initiative (PTI), we have conducted several successful pilot projects that have proven to enhance traceability via a collaborative and integrated approach.

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